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Exploring Adaptation Options for Long Term Resilience to Climate Change

The Adaptation Catalyst (AC) tool supports local decision makers and planners to explore system performance under changing conditions in uncertain futures. Where existing planning and asset management practices are based on optimizing the system for a static future scenario, the AC is a tool to explore changing pressures on the system and a variety of actions and timings. The Adaptation Catalyst is a software tool designed to help overcome the ‘implementation gap’ in realizing adaptive capacity, to get from research and design to actual realization of measures. The AC does this by offering the possiblity to assemble primary information about climate pressure and the adaptive capacity of measures into one overview. This is the information that usually results from climate effect and adaptation options research projects. Added to this is functionality to interactively vary climate pressure and characteristics of measures, and instantly view what the result of these changes are on adaptive capacity, co-benefits and costs. This will help create awareness, help with chosing and planning of measures and support decision making about adaptation strategies.