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Scheduled workflows

It Instead of  ‘stories’  it is possible to configure a list with scheduled workflows.  Then the script will schedule the workflows in a script, much like you would schedule tasks in an operational system.

This is also useful when multiple Delft-FEWS applications are linked for a combined training with WaterCoach. In such a set-up there will be a need to share data between the systems, like forecasts that are created or changed during the training. This data exchange can be set-up with the help of (dedicated) workflows that are run all through the script.

For each scheduled workflow (workflowId) you can define the first time it is run (schedulingStart, which is relative to displayStart) as well as the repeat interval (schedulingInterval). This can be done for any workflow available in the folder for this script (i.e. the folder where the script_config.xml is stored).configuration.  If we speed up  WaterCoach time, the scheduling interval will be speeded up too. The workflows waiting for the execution are listed in the SystemMonitor, tab Batch Forecasts. In this tab it is also possible to  cancel the workflows, using the button Stop

Below is an example of a script where an import and export are run with an interval of ten minutes to import forecasts created by another Delft-FEWS system and export forecasts for import by this other system. The data is shared through a shared folder. In this way, the trainees do not have to manually import and export data after forecasts are made or modified.