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  • key - ribasimVersion : the ribasim version used; versions 6  and 7 supported
  • key - tmsUnit : the base unit to use by RIBASIM; 1 = m3/s, 2 = mm/day, 3 = mm/tms, 4 = ppt (when not specified, the default is m3/s)
  • key - tmsHeader :  the full path of a custom TMS file header to use by the pre-adapter (optional)
  • key - simulationTimestep : the RIBASIM time step to use, supported are DAY, MONTH, HALFMONTH, DECADE, WEEK
  • key - stateExportDir : the directory where FEWS exports and imports the RIBASIM state file (when not specified, the folder containing the InputStateDescriptionFile is used)
  • key - stateFile : the filename of the statefile used by RIBASIM (when not specified it will have the same name as given in the InputStateDescriptionFile)
  • key - runsimpFile : the full path of the control file for RIBASIM (when not specified, runsimp.dat will be created in the working folder)
  • key - runsimpTemplate : the full path of the control file template (when not specified, no "runsimp" control file will be created)
  • key - orderByQualifier : when true, the input time series can be provided with a qualifier per location to set the order of the columns in the generated TMS file.
  • key - locationsIndexed : when true, the output HIS files will be converted to PI-XML using location ID (index) instead of location names.

As an example General Adapter configuration is not available yet at this time, an example PI runInfo XML file from one of the adapter unit tests is given here: