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ModuleFEWS ClassFEWS VersionNoteWIKI
KFlows Displaynl.wldelft.fews.gui.plugin.objectiveanalyzer.ObjectiveAnalyzerDisplay2021.01Replaced by new KFlows display plugin31. KFlows Display
PRTF displaynl.wldelft.fews.gui.plugin.prtf.PrtfDialog2021.01Not used anymore, will be removedPRTF Display
Trends displaynl.wldelft.fews.gui.plugin.trend.TrendDisplay2021.01Not used anymore, will be removedTrends Display
Longitudinal displaynl.wldelft.fews.gui.plugin.longitudinaldisplay.LongitudinalDisplayDialog2021.01Replaced by Time Series DisplayDisplay Groups
Old Archive displaynl.wldelft.fews.gui.plugin.taskRunDialog.TaskRunDialogFewsExplorerPlugin2017.02This is a general display plugin in combination with archiveTask elementArchive Display
2nd map used anymore, will be removed. The default Map display in Delft-FEWS will not be removed, only the second map display.
Lookup Displaynl.wldelft.fews.gui.plugin.lookupscenario.LookUpWhatIfScenarioDialog2021.01Not used anymore, will be removed
What-If Displaynl.wldelft.fews.gui.plugin.scenario.WhatIfScenarioDialog2024.01Will be replaced by new What-If functionality in combination with modifiers. More information will follow.What-If Display

Note: The log messages for displays can be confusing. When for example a message "explorerTask Map Display is obsolete and not supported anymore in Fews version 2023.01" is logged, check the explorerTasks in the Explorer.xml file. Delft-FEWS logs the explorerTask name that is configured in the Explorer.xml file. The taskClass for the explorerTask will be one of the listed display modules.


ModuleFEWS Web Services APIFEWS VersionNoteWIKI
SOAP ServiceFEWS PI SOAP Web Service

2023.01 (all branches)
2022.02 (main branchbranche*)

Replaced by REST API: /rest/fewspiservice/v1
Based on individual agreements we have maintained overlap of SOAP/REST functionality in specific client branches 

SOAP ServiceUmAquo SOAP Web Service2022.02

JDBC ServerJDBC Server of FEWS database tables2022.02Replaced by REST APIFews JDBC server (EOL 2022.02)#Windows