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How FAIR our the Deltares numerical models? The table below shows a list of all supported Deltares software products.

The column 'Cookbook can be applied' shows if the FAIR data principles described by the Cookbook Reproducible Numerical modelling can be applied to the model.

Furthermore the column 'Tried & Tested' shows if the applicability of the FAIR data principles have been tested in a real world project.

SuiteProduct nameProduct ownerShort descriptionCookbook can be appliedTried & Tested
BOI + (Beoordelings- en ontwerpinstrumentarium voor primaire waterkeringen)AssemblagekernelKarolina WojciechowskaAssemblage beoordelingsresultaten

BOI + (Beoordelings- en ontwerpinstrumentarium voor primaire waterkeringen)DaFKarolina WojciechowskaReductie golven door voorland/dam

BOI + (Beoordelings- en ontwerpinstrumentarium voor primaire waterkeringen)DiKErnelKarolina WojciechowskaErosie dijkbekledingen en dijklichaam

BOI + (Beoordelings- en ontwerpinstrumentarium voor primaire waterkeringen)dikesOvertoppingKarolina WojciechowskaBepalen golfoploop en golfoverslag

BOI + (Beoordelings- en ontwerpinstrumentarium voor primaire waterkeringen)GeoLabKarolina WojciechowskaAdmin tools voor de geo lab

BOI + (Beoordelings- en ontwerpinstrumentarium voor primaire waterkeringen)Hydra-RingKarolina WojciechowskaProbabilistische anlyse faalmechanismen

BOI + (Beoordelings- en ontwerpinstrumentarium voor primaire waterkeringen)KOSWATKarolina WojciechowskaBepalen kosten van dijkversterking

BOI + (Beoordelings- en ontwerpinstrumentarium voor primaire waterkeringen)MorphAnKarolina WojciechowskaBeoordelen duinen

BOI + (Beoordelings- en ontwerpinstrumentarium voor primaire waterkeringen)PaalfunderingKarolina WojciechowskaBeoordelen paalfundering in Amsterdam

BOI + (Beoordelings- en ontwerpinstrumentarium voor primaire waterkeringen)Probabilistische bibliotheekKarolina WojciechowskaBibliotheek met probabilistische routines

BOI + (Beoordelings- en ontwerpinstrumentarium voor primaire waterkeringen)Ra2ceKarolina WojciechowskaHazard impact on infrastructure

BOI + (Beoordelings- en ontwerpinstrumentarium voor primaire waterkeringen)RiskeerKarolina WojciechowskaIntegratie resultaten beoordeling

BOI + (Beoordelings- en ontwerpinstrumentarium voor primaire waterkeringen)VRToolKarolina WojciechowskaOptimalisatie dijkversterking

Geotechnical software toolsBmAsfaltGolfklapEsther van ZantvoortAsfalt bekledingen

Geotechnical software toolsBmGrasBuitentaludEsther van ZantvoortGras bekledingen

Geotechnical software toolsCPTipEsther van ZantvoortInterpretatie sonderingen

Geotechnical software toolsDAMEsther van ZantvoortBerekenen en ontwerpen dijkringen

Geotechnical software toolsDAM-LiveEsther van ZantvoortOperationeel systeem voor dijkringen

Geotechnical software toolsD-Flow SlideEsther van ZantvoortZettingsvloeiing

Geotechnical software toolsD-FoundationsEsther van ZantvoortFunderingen

Geotechnical software toolsD-Geo PipelineEsther van ZantvoortHorizontale pijpleidingen

Geotechnical software toolsD-Geo Stability (to be replaced by D-Stability)Esther van ZantvoortStabiliteit dijken

Geotechnical software toolsDGSMStabSerializerEsther van ZantvoortComponent voor inlezen .sti files

Geotechnical software toolsDikesPipingEsther van ZantvoortPiping bij dijken

Geotechnical software toolsD-Pile Group (End-of-Life)Esther van ZantvoortPaalgroepen

Geotechnical software toolsD-SettlementEsther van ZantvoortZettingen

Geotechnical software toolsD-Sheet PilingEsther van ZantvoortDamwanden

Geotechnical software toolsD-Soil ModelEsther van ZantvoortMaken ondergrond modellen

Geotechnical software toolsFlowSlideEsther van ZantvoortZettingsvloeiing

Geotechnical software toolsGEFPlotTool (End-of-Life)Esther van ZantvoortTool voor gef files

Geotechnical software toolsGrassErosionOuterslopeRunupEsther van ZantvoortBerekening run up gras-erosie

Geotechnical software toolsGrassErosionOuterslopeWaveImpactEsther van ZantvoortBerekening golfslag gras-erosie

Geotechnical software toolsMacrostabilityEsther van ZantvoortMacrostabiliteit

Geotechnical software toolsMSoilbaseEsther van ZantvoortDatabase voor grondtypen en parametersGUI + database

Geotechnical software toolsNN OvertoppingEsther van ZantvoortBepaling overtopping

Geotechnical software toolsPipingDoorlatendheidRekentoolEsther van ZantvoortBepalen equivalente doorlatendheid

Geotechnical software toolsPipingPermeabilityToolEsther van ZantvoortBepalen equivalente doorlatendheid

Geotechnical software toolsRevetmentEsther van ZantvoortSteenbekledingen

Geotechnical software toolsServiceToolEsther van ZantvoortTool voor DSerie

Geotechnical software toolsSteenToetsEsther van ZantvoortSteenbekledingen

Geotechnical software toolsStixFileWriterEsther van ZantvoortMaken van stix files

Geotechnical software toolsStructuresClosureEsther van ZantvoortKunstwerken betrouwbaarheid sluiten

Geotechnical software toolsStructuresOvertoppingEsther van ZantvoortKunstwerken overloop

Geotechnical software toolsStructuresStructuralFailureEsther van ZantvoortKunstwerken constructief falen

Geotechnical software toolsWaveImpactEsther van ZantvoortAsfaltbekleding golfklap

Geotechnical software toolsXGB OvertoppingEsther van ZantvoortBepaling overtopping

D-GEO Suite EmbankmentD-Geo FlowRaymond van der MeijPiping, waterspanningen voor stabiliteit

D-GEO Suite EmbankmentD-SettlementRaymond van der MeijZettingen, waterspanningen voor uitvoeringsstab

D-GEO Suite EmbankmentD-StabilityRaymond van der MeijStabiliteit

KratosKratosJonathan NuttallGeneriek FE kernel

Large scale deformation

Online Geotechnical Software (SaaS)D-FoundationsEsther van ZantvoortFunderingen

Online Geotechnical Software (SaaS)D-Geo PipelineEsther van ZantvoortHorizontale pijpleidingen

Online Geotechnical Software (SaaS)D-Geo Stability (to be replaced by D-Stability)Esther van ZantvoortStabiliteit dijken

Online Geotechnical Software (SaaS)D-SettlementEsther van ZantvoortZettingen

Online Geotechnical Software (SaaS)D-Sheet PilingEsther van ZantvoortDamwanden

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)Delft3D-FLOWTjitske GeertsemaHydrodynamic modelling of coastal, river, lakes and estuarine areas

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)Delft3D-MORTjitske GeertsemaMorphodynamic modelling of coastal area, estuaries and rivers

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)Delft3D-WAVETjitske GeertsemaWave modelling of coastal area and estuaries

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)Delft3D-WAQMarc WeeberWater quality modelling of coastal, river, lakes and estuarine areas

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)Delft3D-ECO (BLOOM)Marc WeeberEcological modelling of coastal, river, lakes and estuarine areas

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)Delft3D-PARTMarc WeeberMid-field water quality and oil spills modelling, using particle tracking

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)RGFGRIDTjitske GeertsemaGrid generation tool of Delft3D 4 Suite

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)QUICKINTjitske GeertsemaBathymetry editor of Delft3D 4 Suite

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)DIDOMarc WeeberInteractive grid editor for coupling Delft3D-FLOW with Delft3D-WAQ models

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)QUICKPLOTTjitske GeertsemaVisualisation and animation program for analysis of simulation results

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)Matlab InterfaceTjitske GeertsemaInterface to MATLAB for flexibility in visualisation and data analysis

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)GISVIEWTjitske Geertsema

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)GPPTjitske Geertsema

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)TIDETjitske Geertsema

Delft3D 4 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 2D3D)TRIANATjitske Geertsema

Delft3D FM Suite 1D2DD-Flow FMTjitske Geertsema1D, 2D and 1D2D hydrodynamic module for irrigation and drainage systems / rural systems (open channel hydraulics), river systems, sewerage and urban drainage systems (closed conduits, pipe flow), inundation and flooding scenario simulations

Delft3D FM Suite 1D2DD-Real Time ControlTjitske GeertsemaModule for the design and optimization of control systems for canal and waterway automation

Delft3D FM Suite 1D2DD-Rainfall Runoff / D-Hydrology lumped (incl. Sacramento, HBV, SCS, NAM)Tjitske Geertsema

Delft3D FM Suite 1D2DD-Water Quality (DELWAQ engine)Erwin Meijers

Delft3D FM Suite 2D3DD-Flow FMTjitske Geertsema

Delft3D FM Suite 2D3DD-Real Time ControlTjitske Geertsema

Delft3D FM Suite 2D3DD-Waves (SWAN engine)Tjitske Geertsema

Delft3D FM Suite 2D3DD-MorphologyTjitske Geertsema

Delft3D FM Suite 2D3DD-Water Quality (DELWAQ engine)Marc Weeber

D-HYDRO Suite 1D2D (Dutch market only)D-Flow FMTjitske Geertsema1D, 2D en 1D2D hydrodynamica module voor irrigatie- en drainagesystemen / landelijke systemen, riviersystemen, riolering en stedelijke drainagesystemen (gesloten leidingen), overstromingssimulaties

D-HYDRO Suite 1D2D (Dutch market only)D-Real Time ControlTjitske GeertsemaModule voor het ontwerpen en optimaliseren van besturingssystemen

D-HYDRO Suite 1D2D (Dutch market only)D-Rainfall Runoff / D-Hydrology lumped (incl. Polder, Walrus, CAPSIM)Tjitske Geertsema

D-HYDRO Suite 1D2D (Dutch market only)D-Water Quality (DELWAQ engine; incl. TEWOR toets)Erwin Meijers

D-HYDRO Suite 2D3D (Dutch market only)D-Flow FMTjitske Geertsema

D-HYDRO Suite 2D3D (Dutch market only)D-Real Time ControlTjitske Geertsema

D-HYDRO Suite 2D3D (Dutch market only)D-Waves (SWAN engine)Tjitske Geertsema

D-HYDRO Suite 2D3D (Dutch market only)D-MorphologyTjitske Geertsema

D-HYDRO Suite 2D3D (Dutch market only)D-Water Quality (DELWAQ engine)Marc Weeber

D-HYDRO Suite 2D3D (Dutch market only)D-FAST BE (Bank Erosion), successor of WAQBANKTjitske Geertsema

D-HYDRO Suite 2D3D (Dutch market only)D-FAST MI (Morphological Impact), successor of WAQMORFTjitske Geertsema

SOBEK 2 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D)Rural 1DFLOW (CF)Tjitske Geertsema

SOBEK 2 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D)River 1DFLOW (RF)Tjitske Geertsema

SOBEK 2 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D)Urban 1DFLOW (SF)Tjitske Geertsema

SOBEK 2 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D)RTCTjitske Geertsema

SOBEK 2 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D)1DMORTjitske Geertsema

SOBEK 2 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D)RRTjitske Geertsema

SOBEK 2 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D)1DWAQ (DELWAQ engine)Erwin Meijers

SOBEK 2 Suite (to be replaced by Delft3D FM Suite 1D2D)Delft-TOOLS (CMT (Case Management Tool), NETTER, ODSVIEW, DelftSHELL, CAT (Case Analysis Tool))Tjitske Geertsema

SOBEK 3 (RWS transition product, to be replaced by D-HYDRO Suite 1D2D)D-Flow 1D (open water, including salt)Tjitske Geertsema

SOBEK 3 (RWS transition product, to be replaced by D-HYDRO Suite 1D2D)D-Flow FM (2D overland flow)Tjitske Geertsema

SOBEK 3 (RWS transition product, to be replaced by D-HYDRO Suite 1D2D)D-Real Time ControlTjitske Geertsema

SOBEK 3 (RWS transition product, to be replaced by D-HYDRO Suite 1D2D)D-MorphologyTjitske Geertsema

SOBEK 3 (RWS transition product, to be replaced by D-HYDRO Suite 1D2D)D-Rainfall Runoff Open WaterTjitske Geertsema

SOBEK 3 (RWS transition product, to be replaced by D-HYDRO Suite 1D2D)D-Water Quality 1D (DELWAQ engine)Erwin Meijers

"Super Fast" SuiteHurryWave

"Super Fast" SuiteSFINCS

"Super Fast" SuiteSnapWave

"Coastal Harbor Engineering" ToolsPHAROS

"Coastal Harbor Engineering" ToolsShorelineS

"Coastal Harbor Engineering" ToolsXBeach

WANDA SuiteWANDA - Control


WANDA SuiteWANDA - Liquid

WANDA SuiteWANDA - Multi-Species Transport (MST)

iMOD 5MODFLOWFrans Roelofsen

iMOD 5MT3DMSFrans Roelofsen

iMOD 5SEAWATFrans Roelofsen

iMOD SuiteMODFLOW 6Martijn Russcher

iMOD SuiteiMOD PythonFrans Roelofsen

iMOD SuiteMetaSWAPFrans Roelofsen

"Hydrology" SuiteHydroMT CoreAli MeshgiPython package that facilitates the process of building and analyzing spatial geoscientific models with a focus on water system models. It does so by automating the workflow to go from raw data to a complete model instance which is ready to run and to analyse model results once the simulation has finished.

"Hydrology" SuiteRIBASIMEdwin Snippen

"Hydrology" SuiteRTC-ToolsBernhard Becker

"Hydrology" SuitewflowAli Meshgi

"Planning" toolsClimate Stress Test toolbox (CST)Ümit Taner

"Planning" toolsCRC Tool - Climate Resilient CitiesDaan Roze

"Planning" toolsDelft-FIATJim Lilly

"Planning" toolsFloodAdaptKathryn Roscoe

Delft-FEWS PlatformDelft-FEWS Client ServerDave de Koning

Delft-FEWS PlatformDelft-FEWS Web servicesDave de Koning

Delft-FEWS PlatformOpen ArchiveJeroen Gerrits

Delft-FEWS PlatformDelft-FEWS Web Operator ClientTom BogaardDelft-FEWS Web Operator Client can be used to customize the look and feel of a Web OC

Delft-FEWS PlatformOpenDA ToolsErik Pelgrim

"Water quality & Ecology" SuiteD-Eco ImpactMarc Weeber

"Water quality & Ecology" SuiteD-EmissionsMarc Weeber

"Water quality & Ecology" SuiteD-Particle TrackingMarc Weeber

"Water quality & Ecology" SuiteD-Water QualityMarc Weeber

"Water quality & Ecology" SuiteDELWAQ scientific toolboxMarc Weeber

"Water quality & Ecology" SuiteDischarge Test (Emissie-Immissietoets)Marc Weeber

"Water quality & Ecology" SuiteMAMPECMarc Weeber

Other / Project software1DV-Slurry

Other / Project softwareAdaptation Catalyst Tool

Other / Project softwareAEOLIS

Other / Project softwareANAMOS

Other / Project softwareAnura3D

Other / Project softwareAqueduct Global Flood Analyzer

Other / Project softwareASMITA

Other / Project softwareAsset Management Tool

Other / Project softwareAUKE-PC

Other / Project softwareBALANS

Other / Project softwareBAS

Other / Project softwareBASELINE

Other / Project softwareBegaanbaarheid Berekeningssysteem (BBS)

Other / Project softwareBEM (Bank Erosion Model)

Other / Project softwareBEWARE

Other / Project softwareBlueCan tool

Other / Project softwareBlueEarth Data

Other / Project softwareBREAKWAT

Other / Project softwareBROWNFIELD NAVIGATOR (BFN)

Other / Project softwareCHARON

Other / Project softwareCIrcle (circle)
Tool to support the analysis of domino effects of critical infrastructures. To get insight in which critical infrastructure is affected in case of failure of other critical infrastructure(s).

Other / Project softwareClimate Adaptation App - Climate App

Other / Project softwareCoastal Design Support Tools (CoDeS)

Other / Project softwareCOMFLOW

Other / Project softwareConstruction pit / Om de Put (Serious Game)

Other / Project softwareCOSMO (Climate of Coastal Cooperation)

Other / Project softwareCoSMoS (Coastal Storm Modelling System)

Other / Project softwareCOSUMO

Other / Project softwareCPT Tool 

Other / Project softwareCreep_SCLAY1

Other / Project softwareDam inspector (dam inspectie simulator)

Other / Project softwareDamage module / schade module (SSM-2017)

Other / Project softwareD-Anchor Loading

Other / Project softwareDDS-HYMOS (HYMOS) (End-of-Life)

Other / Project softwareDEFRUN

Other / Project softwareDelft Dashboard (Delft-Almighty)

Other / Project softwareDelft3D-GeoTool (GT)

Other / Project softwareDelft-AUKE (ARC, Multilin, Process)

Other / Project softwareDelta - instrumentarium

Other / Project softwareDelta Shell framework (DSF)

Other / Project softwareDelta Verkenner

Other / Project softwareDeltabrain

Other / Project softwareDEMNAT

Other / Project softwareDetran (DElft TRansport ANalyzer)

Other / Project softwareD-Health

Other / Project softwaredfm_tools
A Python package for pre- and postprocessing D-Flow FM model input and output files

Other / Project softwareDFX-Tool (End-of-Life)

Other / Project softwareDg Flow (End-of-Life)

Other / Project softwareDG>BBS

Other / Project softwareDG>Plume

Other / Project softwareDIFFRAC

Other / Project softwareDijkpatrouille / Levee Patroller (End-of-Life, Serious Game)

Other / Project softwareDIPRO

Other / Project softwareDREDMO

Other / Project softwareDUROS+

Other / Project softwareDUROSTA

Other / Project softwareDuurzame Delta Game (see: Sustainable Delta Game)

Other / Project softwareELVEQS (Effluent Limit Value Environmental Quality Standard) - website

Other / Project softwareENDEC

Other / Project softwareESTMORF

Other / Project softwareFIAT Accelerator tool

Other / Project softwareFlood Mark App

Other / Project softwareFLUSTRIN

Other / Project softwareGeoBrain

Other / Project softwareGEOLIB robust consoles

Other / Project softwareGeoSTErik van OnselenA Python interface for subsurface data built on Pandas and Xarray.

Other / Project softwareGeotechnische webtools

Other / Project softwareGETDATA

Other / Project softwareGOLFOR

Other / Project softwareGreen Island (Serious Game)

Other / Project softwareHABITAT (to be replace by D-Eco Impact)Marc Weeber

Other / Project softwareHARAP (MATROOS)

Other / Project softwareHarbor Design Tool

Other / Project softwareHATYAN
A Python package for harmonic tidal analysis and prediction, based on the FORTRAN version and developed for Rijkswaterstaat. Hatyan also contains methods to derive water level extremes (high and low waters) and it is a dependency to derive the Kenmerkende Waarden.

Other / Project softwareHIS-SSM

Other / Project softwareHISWA

Other / Project softwareHYDRA

Other / Project softwareHydro-connect

Other / Project softwareHYDROLIB, HYDROLIB-CORE

Other / Project softwareHYPCOS_ARC

Other / Project softwareImportGEFintoExcel

Other / Project softwareINTWIS/IRIS - SOBEK stekker

Other / Project softwareIPW (SIMONA)

Other / Project softwareJET3D

Other / Project softwareJETSET

Other / Project softwareKALGUI

Other / Project softwareLabVIEW

Other / Project softwareLOCKFILL

Other / Project softwareM-Foundations (End-of-Life)

Other / Project softwareM-Piled Road (End-of-Life)

Other / Project softwareMAJISYS

Other / Project softwareMapTable (TouchTable, Ontwerptafel)

Other / Project softwareMASCND

Other / Project softwareMASLAT

Other / Project softwareMATROOS

Other / Project softwareMCompress

Other / Project softwareMGeobase

Other / Project softwareMHW Processor

Other / Project softwareMI-SAFE viewer

Other / Project softwareMLV

Other / Project softwareMonitoring

Other / Project softwareMPiledroad

Other / Project softwareMRoad

Other / Project softwareMSeep (End-of-Life)

Other / Project softwareMSFD-Eutro

Other / Project softwareMSoilbase

Other / Project softwareMUPPET

Other / Project softwareMWell (End-of-Life)

Other / Project softwareNational Coordination Committee for Flood Management (LCO  Serious Game)

Other / Project softwareNAUTBOOM

Other / Project softwareNitrate App / Aquality App

Other / Project softwareNUTPRINT: My foot print

Other / Project softwareOceanWave3D

Other / Project softwareOMS2HYDRO (OpenEarth Tools)

Other / Project softwareOpenEarth Tools

Other / Project softwareOpenFOAM
Toolbox for the solution of continuum mechanics problems, most prominently including computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Other / Project softwareOpenMI Editor

Other / Project softwareOpenSTREAMS

Other / Project softwareORCA

Other / Project softwareOSCAR

Other / Project softwareOvertopping Neural Network - NN Overtopping

Other / Project softwarePaleo Maps (App)

Other / Project softwarePathways Generator
Exploring policy pathways in an interactive way

Other / Project softwarePC-Raster

Other / Project softwarePileRisk

Other / Project softwarePileRisk expert

Other / Project softwarePlanning kit / Blokkendoos

Other / Project softwarePNEC-pro / PNECpro /

Other / Project softwarePort of the Future Serious Game (PoFSG)

Other / Project softwarePRIS (Probabilistische RekenInterface SOBEK, Linux)

Other / Project softwarePROBA2

Other / Project softwareProbabilistic Toolkit (PTK)
The Probabilistic Toolkit analyzes the effects of uncertainty to any model. These models range from python scripts to geotechnical en hydrodynamical Deltares applications and non-Deltares applications.

Other / Project softwarePROBED

Other / Project softwareProcesversnel spel (Serious Game)

Other / Project softwareQWAST

Other / Project softwareREACT 

Other / Project softwareREFRAC

Other / Project softwareREW

Other / Project softwareRFWAVE

Other / Project softwareRiver Navigability Tool

Other / Project softwareRTO instrumentarium

Other / Project softwareRYNCND

Other / Project softwareRYNLAT

Other / Project softwareSAMA game

Other / Project softwareSCHAT

Other / Project softwareScreening Tool

Other / Project softwareSCREMOTOX

Other / Project softwareSDS2MAT

Other / Project softwareSHIPMA

Other / Project softwareSILTAC

Other / Project softwareSILTHAR

Other / Project softwareSIMPAR (SIMONA)

Other / Project softwareSLIB3D (SIMONA)

Other / Project softwareSliq2D

Other / Project softwareSmart Scanner for Water Resilient Cities

Other / Project softwareSOBEK-RE

Other / Project softwareSTAR-CCM+

Other / Project softwareSTREAM

Other / Project softwareSTREAM Library

Other / Project softwareStresstest (Hitte en Droogte Stress model)

Other / Project softwareSuperTrans

Other / Project softwareSUST (Sustainability game)

Other / Project softwareSustainable Delta game

Other / Project softwareSUTRENCH

"Coastal Harbor Engineering" ToolsSWAN
Kernel for modelling random, short-crested wind-generated waves in coastal regions and inland waters

Other / Project softwareSWAP (Salt Water APplication)

Other / Project softwareTCWiSE

Other / Project softwareTest definer

Other / Project softwareThe CPT operator / Sondeermeester (Serious Game)

Other / Project softwareTOF (TijdelijkeOpslagFysische grootheden, Windows)

Other / Project softwareTRITON

Other / Project softwareTRIWAQ (SIMONA)

Other / Project softwareUCIT

Other / Project softwareUNIBEST-CL+

Other / Project softwareUNIBEST-DE

Other / Project softwareUNIBEST-LT

Other / Project softwareUNIBEST-TC

Other / Project softwareVisibility App

Other / Project softwareVision

Other / Project softwareWANDA-LOCKS

Other / Project softwareWAQMORF/WAQBANK

Other / Project softwareWAQUA (SIMONA)

Other / Project softwareWAQVIEW (SIMONA)

Other / Project softwareWarmingUp DesignToolkit

Other / Project softwareWAROS

Other / Project softwareWater Coach (Delft-FEWS serious game)

Other / Project softwareWaterLOUPE

Other / Project softwareWaterveiligheidsverkenner

Other / Project softwareWatex (End-of-Life)

Other / Project softwareWATRON

Other / Project softwareWebPlume

Other / Project softwareWFD-Explorer / KRW VerkennerMarc Weeber

Other / Project softwareWindsurf (combination of XBeach and the aeolian sediment transport model AeoLiS)

Other / Project softwareZandmotor Swimming safety app

Other / Project softwareZandverdeler game / Sand Suppletion game

Other / Project softwareZeeverkenner