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Time: 14:00-17:00
Location: Deltares, MCM2.

After the sprintsession of Aug 20 Sprintsession_2008_aug_20 it was decided to make part of the McTools initiative Open Source. A new set of reposities has been opened. They are called

In the EU MICORE project we started using these reposities. it is also anticipated that the BwN project will use these reposities. An action plan for BwN call DM 1.1 has been written and submitted. Currently the OpenEarth repositories are still pass-word protected, but they will open up in the near future.
In this sprintsession the joint plans for MICORE and BwN will be presented.

The informal program of this sprintsession is:

14:00 - 15:00
Small presentations

  • OpenEarthTools: the open source counterpart of McTools (Gerben de Boer)
  • Proposal how to host and disseminate large datasets for Building with Nature (Gerben de Boer)
  • A short presentation on FEWS, with a subsequent discussion to pinpoint common grounds with McTools. (Gerben Boot)
  • Direct access from matlab (Yann Friocourt)
  • Discussion on how to make contents lists for toolboxes using keywords (Pieter van Geer)
  • Adding subversion keywords to m files (Kees den Heijer)
  • A template for properly documented new functions (Kees den Heijer)
  • Fast <keyword, value> functionality (Kees den Heijer)
  • Use of fullfile to create platform dependent pathnames or filenames (Kees den Heijer)

15:00 - 17:00
Hands-on coding and discussion on topical issues, bring your laptop if possible.

Drinks in Cafe de V, dinner afterwards?