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  • read only,
  • visible,
  • timeSeriesValueClosestToStateSelectionStartTime,
  • useSystemTimeAsDefaultvalue,
  • useTimeOfFirstReliableValueInTimeSeries,
  • selection,
  • conditional selection,
  • comment.


Code Block
<attribute id="URBS_IL_AWRA">
							<timeSeriesType>external historical</timeSeriesType>
							<timeStep unit="day"/>
							<relativeViewPeriod unit="day" start="-14" end="0"/>
							<readWriteMode>read only</readWriteMode>
					<comment>No advice</comment>


This element can be used define a default value for a date/time attribute. If this option is selected the initial value is set to the system time.

When this option is used a checkbox will be shown after the date/time selection box. If this checkbox is selected then a modifier will be created for this attribute with the

current value of the date/time box. When an existing modifier is selected and there is a modified value for the attribute in this modifier then the checkbox will also be selected.

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This option is similar to the option useSystemTimeAsDefaultValue, but instead of setting the default value to the system time the default time will be derived from a time series.

A time series set can be configured for this option. The first time of the time series array for which a reliable value is available will be used.


The element <selection> can be used to predefine the list of options which are available for a certain attribute.