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Delft3D-FEWS adapter WIKI

The present WIKI contains a manual for configuration of the Delft3D-FEWS adapter. This adapter provides the interface between the Delft-FEWS forcasting shell and the Delft3D modelling package. It has the following main features:

  1. The Delft3D-FEWS adapter supports the following packages of the Delft3D suite: FLOW, WAQ (including ECO, BLOOM, CHEM etc) and PART.
  2. The Delft3D-FEWS adapter provides all of the basic functionalities required to run the models in an operational system.
  3. The Delft3D-FEWS adapter is setup to be fully compliant with the Delft-FEWS system and philosophy.

In this manual, the following items will be adressed:

  • For a brief overview of some generic features of Delft3D and existing Delft3D-FEWS applications, see General.
  • For a required steps manual on how to setup the Delft3D-FEWS adapter for a FEWS application, see Adapter configuration.
  • Examples of a configured Delft3D-FEWS system are provided in Example configuration to serve as a guideline in setting up new systems.
  • Best practices with regard to configuring Delft3D-FEWS systems are provided in Best practices.

For more information on Delft-FEWS, the reader is referred to Delft-FEWS WIKI. For more information on the Delft3D modelling package, the reader is referred to Delft3D website.

Delft3D-FEWS adapter WIKI


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The Delft3D-FEWS adapter was setup and tested to fascilitate all "standard" modelling applications in Delft3D. In case of missing features or bugs, however, please contact Daniel Twigt or Arjen Markus. Similarly, with questions concerning the contents of this WIKI, please contact Daniel Twigt.