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To change the expiry time of individual forecasts, select the forecasts in the table with the mouse and press [Change Expiry Time]. In the dialog that appears, select a new expiry time and press [Apply] to change the expiry time of the selected forecasts. The expiry time can only be changed for forecasts for which the user has delete permission.

Popup Menu

Popup menu can be  opened from any Forecast Management  tab  by selecting a forecast and using  right mouse button.

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Menu “Show in Log Browser  Ctrl+L ” opens System Monitor with Log Browser tab selected.  In the Log Browser all messages associated with the selected  forecast are listed.

Menu  ‘Workflow Schema Ctrl+S’  opens a new tab Workflow schema.  Workflow Schema will show  the workflows that have been involved to create the selected  forecast and all input workflows that have generated input for that forecast  (note  that the workflow dependencies must be configured in WorkflowDescriptors.xml with elements 'inputWorkflowId'.

Menu “Workflow Navigator Ctrl+N” opens Workflow Navigator. Workflow Navigator  will show the workflows and modules  that have been involved to create the selected forecast. Use the Workflow Navigator popup menu to display the timeseries that are associated with the forecast that has been selected in the Forecast Management display.

Menu’s  “Show in Log Browser  Ctrl+L ” and  “Workflow Navigator Ctrl+N” appear only if  explorerTask for System Monitor and for Workflow Navigator are configured in Explorer.xml

Display configuration

It is possible to add display configuration for forecast management, for more information click here