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The selection filters show which displays have been configured. Select a filter to display the data. Note that each grid display may be configured differently, i.e. with a different period of data to be displayed, with a different background map, etc. The configuration allows filters to be highlighted in bold.

Locations attribute filter

With the location attribute filters you can hide one or more locations/grids in the plot. The Image Added button is only visilbe then attribtes are configured for the plot

Image Added


The legend can be shown as table legend or as bar legend. The legend identifies the color used for each range of values. The range of values used for each color can be rescaled by right clicking on the display and selecting 'Rescale Classification' from the pop-up menu. The display colors will be updated to reflect the new classification. After rescaling, the lowest and highest values in the legend will correspond to the minimum and maximum values of the data in the current zoom extent of the display (for the selected time slice). When the display is zoomed in on an area where all data points or grid cells have similar colors, rescaling can be used to see more clearly the differences in the data values. To return to the default classification right click on the display and select 'Back To Default Classification' from the pop-up menu. When selecting a different plot, the classification always changes back to the default classification for that plot.