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To allow optimisation of data flows in Delft-FEWS when set-up in a distributed environment, synchronisation levels (synchLevelsynchLevels) can be defined. SynchLevels are arbitrary (integer) numbers that are used in the software to select which data is synchronized from a MC, either in the MC-MC synchronisation, or to a synchronising client or when creating a database replica. The behaviour of each synch level is determined through the configuration of the synchronisation channels and synchronisation profiles. When required, additional synchronisation levels can be added to further refine the synchronisation process. Since both neither a Stand alone Client as well as or a Direct Database Access client do not use synchronisation, synchLevels in these components are not of direct less importance (except for synchLevels 5, 9, 90-100). Still, conforming to the convention will make it easier to setup a synchronising client later and allow for standard behaviour when creating a replica. The current convention is: