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The following image shows an example of the settings of the ExecuteActivities section in the general Adapter module. Wanda specific elements are:

  • command - executableclassName: this contains the path to java.exearguments: the several required arguments for java.exe to be able to run the Wanda adapter. Make sure the reference to the runInfo file is correct full class name of the combined WandaAdapter
                     - binDir: this contains the path where the adapter binaries are stored.
  • arguments:  a single argument needs to be specified providing the full path to the runInfo file (as specified in exportActivities section).
  • logFile: this (optional) settikng can be configure to scan the Wanda ouput logs for error messages.

ImportActivities Section

The following image is an example of the importActivities section. An important element here is the exportPlaceHolderFile: this should be set to true.