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This screen displays all the associated runs of the selected workflow.

The various details are described below:



Task Run ID

The identifier for this particular run of this type of task.

Task ID

The identifier for this type of task.
Clicking on the entry will bring up the Task Details screen (described earlier)


Text description of the task


The workflow identifier

Dispatch Time

The time that the task was dispatched by the Master Controller


The identifier of the FSS that the task was dispatched to.


The status of the task with the color:

  • Pending: orange
  • Running: yellow
  • Invalid: red
  • Failed: red
  • Complete: green
  • Partly Complete: orange
  • Terminated: orange
  • Partly Successful: orange
  • Scheduled: orange
  • Uknown: white

In case a task has the status terminated, the system had to terminate the task - due to the task timeout being exceeded or its initial due time being set to far in the past) (check system clocks!)


  • Show taksrun log files. Opens all logfiles related to the taskrun (since 2019.02)


Show Task Run Logfiles (since 2019.02)

In the Actions column the Show Taskrun logfiles can be clicked to open a popup with all logs related to the taskrun. On the top right of the popup, the content of the logfiles can be copy/paste into the buffer.

Show Task Runs Logs (2019.02)

To get the log files of (at most 50) most recent taskruns, the following button can be used:

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