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Only encrypted FTP will be available. The Deltares FTP-server ( stopped supporting plain FTP.                                                                                                        

This means, if you want to access the Deltares FTP-server, you need a FTP-client, that supports FTPs / TLS encryption.

Access through a browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) will not work!

Below we give some examples how to access the Deltares FTP-server

Passive port range in use60001-65534
IP Address136.231.2.220*
* New IP address as of 2 July 2020

Total Commander v9+*


lftp (Linux)

-          Press ‘New connection…’ button

* Minimal requirements Total Commander is version 9 and higher. (TLSv1/TLSv1.2 not supported before release 9)

* If you get this error "OFFLINE3, error=0" during FTPs transfer when trying to connect to an FTP server, please visit this Total Commander page to have this bug resolved.