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Presentation of researchStart date

Karlijn Adank

June 2022

Managing transitions toward adaptive infrastructure: A case study of Eastern Scheldt barrier in the Netherlands

 The research aims to provide a framework that improves decision-making methods by   organizing the 'context stage 'June 2022

Ashraf Al-Mohagry

February 2023

Aaron de Bruin

December 2021

Dani Guerra Medina

September 2022

Kyscha Huijgen

February 2023

Tjerk Mathijssen

Scour Analysis and Prediction Around Monopile Protection

November 2022

Sam Dijkstra

June 2022

Chris GielenContribution of innovative artifical bypass systems to a more sustainable coastal management: A case study on IJmuiden port.
May 2022

Dante van der Heijden

February 2022

Rahadian Rukmana

February 2023

Manu Regueiro PicalloSedTemp: Identifying sediment deposits from temperature signals

Approach to sedimentation in sewer and urban drainage systems based on temperature measurements

July 2022

Djimin Teng 

Sea level rise adaptation of rubble mound breakwaters

September 2022

Ilian de Snoo

Accelerating Morphodynamic Forecasts using high-performance computing on comprehensive hydrodynamic data

November 2022

Zeta TamSimulating 3D Sand Wave Recovery After Pre-sweeping by Delft3D-FM
November 2022

Lars van Vliet

January 2023

Mónica Aguilera Chaves

January 2023

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