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This is the homepage for the Postdoc researchers / Master Students working at Hydraulic Engineering (HYE).

To help you on your way, we've inserted some of our favourite macros on this home page.

As you start creating pages, adding news items and commenting you'll see the macros below fill up with all the activity in your space.

Here a short impression of Deltares:




Presentation of researchStart date

Karlijn Adank

June 2022

Mohammad Ammoun

Ruben van der BijlThe maximum wind effect on wave overtopping at dikes with crest elements
December 2021

Aaron de Bruin

December 2021

Lisanne Buis

January 2022

David Pavilons

November 2021

Lucero Avila Ruiz

May 2022

Sam Dijkstra

June 2022

Chris Gielen

May 2022

Dante van der Heijden

February 2022

Tristan Paerel

May 2022

Manu Regueiro Picallo

July 2022

Djimin Teng 

September 2022

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