Current Release: Wanda 4.6

Deltares is pleased to announce the availability of Wanda 4.6 This release resolves several issues that have been discovered since the release of Wanda 4.5.5 and introduces new functionality and improvements. For a complete list of new features and known problems, please see the Release Notes and Errata list below.

Wanda 4 Errata

Known issues

  • The initial setup for Wanda 4.6.0 that was provided for download includes a small bug which causes an error during installation on non-english Windows systems. This issue has been fixed in a new version of the setup. Please download the latest Wanda 4.6.0 setup if you encounter this issue.
  • Free surface pipe - For small diameter pipes the fixed lower limit of the Preismann slot (2 mm) can lead to loss of discharge. (WANDA-2690)
  • Fast filling pipe - A large air discharge area (~1 x pipe diameter) will lead to an unstable solution. (WANDA-2673)
  • Fast filling pipe - Head profile evolution not correct; affects only pipes with elevation changes. (WANDA-2673)
  • Pipe heat - The head and pressure at the internal calculation points of the heat pipe in rigid column mode are incorrectly calculated. This does not effect the overall results of the rest of the system (WANDA-3493)

Release notes

2020-02-05 - Wanda 4.6

This release addresses/fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed issue where Wanda would crash on startup due to a Windows update (WANDA-3362)
  • Improved setup process, now using Windows installer (MSI) (WANDA-377, WANDA-3264)
  • New matrix solver and numerical improvements, results in significant performance gains for Wanda models with multiple pipe components or many pipe elements.
  • Speed improvement in pipe by more efficiently calculating of the friction factor.
  • Improvements to T- and Y-junction components, results in more stable behaviour in steady state and significant performance improvement.
  • Bug fix to T- and Y-junction components. Cavitation around a T- or Y-junction could result in a singular matrix. This is solved.
  • Stability improvements for the Free surface conduit
  • Updated user interface to the latest version of iGrafx Flowcharter (WANDA-3410, WANDA-3347, WANDA-3340)
  • Fixed case conversion issue with older models, Pipe profile of pipe invert was not converted to centreline (WANDA-3418)
  • Fixed issue with VENT component, where an incorrect initial state would result in a singular matrix without error message (WANDA-3354)
  • 2COND control component behaviour was incorrect, not in line with manual (WANDA-394).

Full release notes: ReleaseNotes Wanda 4.6.0

2019-09-4 - Wanda 4.5.5

This release addresses/fixes the following issues:

  • Fix "Invalid procedure call or argument 5 0" error when starting Wanda after installing August 2019 Windows 10 updates (WANDA-3362)

2018-07-19 - Wanda 4.5.4

This release addresses/fixes the following issues:

  • Fix incorrect interpretation of the Heat capacity Cp in Wanda Heat module (WANDA-3139)

2018-02-16 - Wanda 4.5.3

This release addresses/fixes the following issues:

  • Fix "Overflow 6 0" error when starting Wanda on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709)
  • Fix slurry fluid friction calculation in transition region between laminar and turbulent
  • Many small fixes for Wanda Heat

2017-02-21 - Wanda 4.5.2

This release addresses/fixes the following issues:

  •     Possible crash in vent and some other components due to undefined behavior (rel. WANDA-2865)
  •     Fluid window pops up instead of running simulation. (WANDA-2864)
  •     Calculating system characteristics fails with "case invalid" message. (WANDA-2873)
  •     Fix 'IO error during file copy. Contact Deltares' when running simulation.
  •     Fix accumulation of small temperature increments in heat pipe (WANDA-2861)

2017-02-09 - Wanda 4.5.1 (first public 4.5 release)

This release addresses/fixes the following issues:

  • WANDA no longer relies on the presence of short filenames. (a.o. WANDA-2069, WANDA-2102, WANDA-2851)
  • Write performance is improved. This is most noticeable when running simulations on network storage.
  • Stability improvements to the Y-junction, vent2leg, and the fast filling pipe.
  • Many UI fixes (WANDA-291, WANDA-409, WANDA-877, WANDA-2375, WANDA-2406, WANDA-2432, WANDA-2651, WANDA-2714, WANDA-2799, WANDA-2842, WANDA-2844)
  • Many small bug fixes to the WANDA core.

2016-10-20 - Wanda 4.4.3

This release addresses/fixes the following issues:

  • Possible user interface error on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 platforms (WANDA-2744, WANDA-2756, WANDA 2765, WANDA-2768)
  • User interface error (like above) on Epanet import fixed (see WANDA-2760)
  • Unphysical results in merger component in steady state (WANDA-2770)
  • Doubly written data in resume mode. This did not affect simulation results (WANDA-2764)

2016-07-29 - Wanda 4.4.2

Fix possible user interface error when upgrading to Wanda 4.4 ("Can not load Wanda plugin", see also WANDA-2702).

2016-06-30 - Wanda 4.4.1

The release notes for Wanda 4.4.1 release are available via the Download page


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