The Climate Resilient City Tool (CRCTool) (Klimaat Bestendige Stad Toolbox, KBS Toolbox in Dutch) have been developed to support the collaborative planning of climate adaptation measures for a more resilient and attractive cities. The CRCTool can be used in design workshops and individually by urban planners, landscape architects, water managers, civil engineers, local stakeholders and other experts to create conceptual designs. Participants can use the AST on a touch screen to select adaptation interventions, situate them in their project area and immediately obtain an estimate of their effectiveness and costs.

The first versions of the Climate Resilient City Tool (CRCTool)  were developed as Adaptation Support Tool (AST).

The CRCTool includes 62 adaptation measures for ecosystem-based adaptation – also called blue-green infrastructure such as green roofs, bioswales, porous pavement and water squares-, a selection tool for ranking measures based on their applicability and an assessment tool to estimate the effectiveness of applied adaptation measures.

The CRCTool estimates the performance of the measures for a number of key metrics, e.g. created storage capacity, frequency reduction of the normative runoff, heat stress reduction, extra groundwater recharge, water quality effects and costs. Performance is determined for each adaptation measure separately as well as for total package of measures.

The to can be found in English at and in Dutch at

Documentation on the tool can be found here: Documentation

A manual on how to use the tool can be found here: Manual


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How Ecosystem-based solutions can develop climate resilient cities, ADB,

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