In numerical modelling, it is often important to check your model results with real-life observations. This comparison can be made with observations of specifically your case study, but you can also use observations from a database (i.e. the NDBC; National Data Buoy Center). Currently the following databases are supported: CO-OPS, NDBC, DART, USGS waterbase (focused on the US) and MATROOS (Dutch).

Usage of the toolbox

This toolbox is used in the following way:

  1. Create observation points in your model based on the location of the 'real' observations. This can be done by drawing a polygon and clicking 'Make Observation Points'.
  2. Download or view the data:
    1. Download all the data in combination with a polygon
    2. View individual stations by selection.


Figure: example of the observations by the NDBC around the US including a user-defined polygon

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