ATTENTION: Previous Delft Dashboard versions may have stopped working due to the migration of the Deltares OPeNDAP server to https in November 2020. This was caused by incompatibility between older MATLAB netcdf libraries and https. A new version can now be downloaded from this website (see instructions below). When running Delft Dashboard from Matlab, you will need a recent MATLAB version (we have tested 2019a and 2020a, which work).

The advantage of running Delft Dashboard as an executable is that the user does not need to have a Matlab license. Nevertheless, installation of the Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR) 9.6 (R2019a) is required. This installer can be downloaded from the MATLAB website. The website from Matlab also provides guidelines for the installation process.

Delft Dashboard needs to have writing permissions within the directory it is installed, as it creates directories when it downloads data from the server. Delft Dashboard can be start up by double clicking on the executable. An internet connection is needed to be able to start-up and use the program to its full extent.

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