ATTENTION: Previous Delft Dashboard versions may have stopped working due to the migration of the Deltares OPeNDAP server to https in November 2020. This was caused by incompatibility between older MATLAB netcdf libraries and https. Delft Dashboard can now only be run from MATLAB with a recent MATLAB version (we have tested 2019a and 2020a, which work).

To run Delft Dashboard from the Matlab command line, Matlab should evidently be installed on the user’s computer. However, we have experienced a limited amount of problems till the newest Matlab version. Using older Matlab versions can result in problems. The Matlab scripts of Delft Dashboard can be found in the OpenEarthTools repository. As Delft Dashboard may use Matlab scripts and functions all across the OpenEarthTools directory, it is strongly recommended to download (‘checkout’) the complete Matlab directory of the OpenEarthTools. To access this repository the user needs to join the OpenEarth community by requesting a free username and password. More information on OpenEarth and its guidelines can be found on: OpenEarth developer in five easy steps

After downloading the OpenEarth scripts, add them to the Matlab path either by running ‘oetsettings.m’ from the OpenEarth Matlab directory or ‘ddsettings’ from the Delft Dashboard directory. Delft Dashboard can now be startup by typing DelftDashBoard (or in short ddb) from the command line. The start page will open with the view of the world map and, as default, the Model Maker toolbox active.

Note that Delft Dashboard downloads its data from the OpenDAP server ( and a number of other sources. Therefore, the user needs to have access to the internet (and allow these websites) to be able to use Delft Dashboard to its full extent. If Delft Dashboard cannot make a connection to these websites the first time it is used, the program will fail to start up. After the first start-up, Delft Dashboard will be able to run without an internet connection, but it will not be able to update datasets or download information from the servers. This may hamper the use of the tool.

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