The 'Shoreline' toolbox allows to export shoreline data of Delft Dashboard. Delft Dashboard makes use of the World Vector Shoreline (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency - NGA).The resolution of this data set is about 500 m.

Usage of the toolbox

A shoreline file (.ldb) can be generate using the following steps:

  1. Define the polygon from which you want to extract the shoreline location. The two alternatives are:
    1. “Draw Polygon” to newly create a polygon. Double click to close the polygon.
    2. “Load Polygon” to load an existing polygon (*.pol). “Export” to export the polygon in *.ldb format.
  2. Define the scale 
  3. Click on  “Export” to export the polygon in a ldb-format


Figure: With the Shoreline toolbox one can easily get the shoreline of any specific area as shown in the example of the west coast of Australia

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