The 'Tide Database' Toolbox can be used to export tidal amplitude and phases. Delft Dashboard includes four tide models: TPXO 6.2, TPXO 7.2, TPXO 8.0 and European Shelf 2008. When this data is exported the user is able to visualize the phases and amplitudes on a map. An example of the possibilities is given below under 'Usage of the toolbox' and presented in the Figure.

Usage of the toolbox

Tidal information can be retrieved from Delft Dashboard. Currently, three models are supported: TPXO 6.2, TPXO 7.2 and European Shelf 2008. Data can be exported as Tekal (*.tek) or *.mat file. Determining the tidal information requires only two steps:

  1. Define the area of interest. This can be done in two ways:
    1. Draw a box on the map
    2. Define xmin, xmax, ymin and ymax
  2. To view the result:
    1. Click on 'View' to see directly the amplitude and phase of the component chosen on the screen.
    2. Click on 'Export' which will generate a separate *.tek file. A *tek file can be used with one of the available post-processors (e.g. Quickplot or Muppet)


Figure: in this example, the amplitude of the N2 component for the coast of West Australia is plotted with Quickplot after being determined with help of the Tide Database toolbox in Delft Dashboard


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