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Find out how you can make your data FAIR - guided step-by-step.

How to use this wiki?

This wiki is a practical guide on how to use FAIR principles on your data. Data that we published using these principles can be found in the Deltares Data Portal.

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What is FAIR?

FAIR principles are created with the intention to improve the findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability of digital resources. An extensive elaboration of the FAIR principles can be found here. What you need to know about FAIR is (source):

F - findable

The first step in (re)using data is to be able to find them. Metadata and data should be easy to find for both humans and computers. Machine-readable metadata are essential for automatic discovery of datasets and services, thus comprising an essential component of the process of making your data FAIR.

A - accessible

Once the user finds the required data, she/he needs to know how can they be accessed, possibly including authentication and authorisation.

I - interoperable

Data produced needs to be easy to work with, in case of the need to integrate with other sources of data. In addition, the data need to be compatible with applications or workflows for analysis, storage, and processing.

R - reusable

The ultimate goal of FAIR is to optimise the reuse of data. To achieve this, metadata and data should be well-described so that they can be replicated and/or combined in different settings.

FAIRification Process

Going even one step further, you can make your data also externally FAIR. Find the steps here

But why should I use FAIR?

The 2019 corporate jaarplan (see page 21) states a need for data at Deltares to be managed using FAIR principles. Not only does this further the quality of research, this strengthens Deltares' position by enabling collaboration between institutions that can take advantage of our accessible and reusable data. By implementing FAIR principles, Deltares also complies with the Dutch code of conduct for scientific integrity.

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  1. When applying the FAIR principles also document the use as allowed under the terms & conditions under which the data were created or acquired.