Presently, the following parameters can be selected (taken from gnf_data.h):

Wind velocity V     
Wind velocity U     
Wave force v        
Wave force u        
Wave energy transp.v
Wave energy transp.u
water level         
total water depth   
Susp. transport v   
Susp. transport u   
Short-wave energy   
Settling.vel.fract 5
Settling.vel.fract 4
Settling.vel.fract 3
Settling.vel.fract 2
Settling.vel.fract 1
Sediment thickness  
Roller transport v  
Roller transport u  
Roller force v      
Roller force u      
Roller energy       
Richardson number   
non-hyd. pressure   
Near-bed ref.conc.  
max. bed stress     
Equil. conc. fract 5
Equil. conc. fract 4
Equil. conc. fract 3
Equil. conc. fract 2
Equil. conc. fract 1
eddy viscosity (hor)
eddy viscosity      
eddy diffusivity    
dpt. aver. cur. v   
dpt. aver. cur. u   
dpt. aver. cur. mag 
dpt. aver. cur. dir 
current w           
current v (LES)     
current v           
current u (LES)     
current u           
current mag. (horiz)
current mag (LES)   
current dir. (horiz)
current dir (LES)   
Cloud cover         
Bottom depth (sed)  
Bottom conc. fract 5
Bottom conc. fract 4
Bottom conc. fract 3
Bottom conc. fract 2
Bottom conc. fract 1
Bedload transport v 
Bedload transport u 
bed stress v        
bed stress u        
bed stress mag.     
bed stress dir.     
Avg. susp. v        
Avg. susp. u        
Avg. bedload v      
Avg. bedload u      
Air temperature     
Air humidity        
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