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Definition of groups of cold module states


Many forecasting models use an initial state as initial condition. When used in real time, DELFT-FEWS can be used to manage these states, such that models are run from a warm state. Waiting on long run times in initiating models is thus avoided.

When no warm state is available a cold state will be used. Additionally the user may explicitly select the cold state to be used as model initial condition.

A default initial condition must be available for models requiring state management. Additional groups of cold module states may also be defined. These can be selected in for example scenario runs. While a default state is required for every model,  additional states need only be defined where available. When the state indicated is not found for a particular situation, DELFT-FEWS will revert to the default state. Where it is found, it will be used as selected.

When available on the file system, the name of the XML file for configuring the ColdModuleInstanceStateGroups is for example:

ColdModuleInstanceStateGroups 1.00 default.xml

Fixed file name for the ColdModuleInstanceStateGroups configuration

1.00                                            Version number

default                                       Flag to indicate the version is the default configuration (otherwise omitted).

Figure 43 Elements of the ColdModuleInstanceStateGroups configuration


Definition of the default group of module states. This is a required item, and only a single definition is allowed.


  • id: Id of the state group (e.g. Default)
  • name: name of the state group.

Definition of the additional group of module states. One or more items may exist.


  • id: id of the state group (e.g. Wet)
  • name: name of the state group.

Optional description of the state group. Used for reference purposes only.

The name of the ZIP file containing the state follows a strict convention. This name is constructed using the moduleId of the module using this cold state and writing the warm state, appended by the Id of the state group.

e.g ISIS_Eden_Historical default.zip