The Configuration Manager has been specifically created to allow the management of the configuration files for a Delft-FEWS application. Given that Delft-FEWS can be used in different levels, the configuration manager will need to be aware of the usage and modify its way of working accordingly.

The management of configuration files entails the following activities:

  • Start the Configuration Manager
  • Download a configuration from a Master Controller
  • Import configuration files into local database
  • Make a selected configuration file the active file
  • Delete a configuration file
  • Export a configuration file
  • Upload (save) a configuration to a Master Controller

With the above activities a configuration can be managed but also modified.

In this section, a general description is provided on what the role of configuration management is and what are the overall steps to take. In the user guide section the details of the Configuration Manager are explained. See also Delft-FEWS Configuration manager.

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