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Lookup Table Display

The Lookup Table display allows for interactive use of lookup tables. In the present configurations lookup tables are only used for tidal forecasting. The display allows the user to view the input data for lookup tables and run what-if scenarios on them. Forecast results of these what-if scenarios can be shown in a report.

The results of running the interactive Lookup Table Display will only be available in the display and not be saved as a forecast in the Local Data store and Central Database. In case this is required, the what-if scenario should be defined with the What-if Scenario Display and run as a manual forecast.

Lookup Scenario Id

A workflow can be selected from a drop-down list with pre-configured workflows. Only workflows are available that run lookup tables. The workflows that can be selected are described in the Regional Configuration Documentation.

Forecast Description

A description can be entered to identify the workflow run in the Lookup Table display.

Start time

A start time for the forecast can be entered in the date & time field (yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm). Please note that the length of the forecast is defined in the forecast workflow and can not be set here.

What-if Scenario

The what-if scenario frame displays the input series and corresponding locations for the selected workflow. A what-if scenario can be defined by selecting a mathematical operator and a value to be applied to the corresponding input time series for the selected lookup table. The mathematical operator can be selected via a drop-down list in the column Operator . The value can be entered in the table Change .


By pressing [Report] the workflow is run and the result of a what-if scenario is displayed in an HTML report. The results of the above mentioned example is presented below.


With [Close] the display is closed. Please be aware that no results of the analysis are stored in the database.

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