Definition of time units supported by the system (used for mapping external time units to internal time units)

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External data sources to be imported in DELFT-FEWS may provide data at an equidistant time step. The time unit defined is often defined in a string, and must be resolved on import to a time unit recognised by DELFT-FEWS. The mapping of time units is defined in the TimeSteps configuration.

When available on the file system, the name of the XML file for configuring the TimeUnits for example:

TimeUnits 1.00 default.xml

TimeUnits                    Fixed file name for the TimeUnits configuration

1.00                                            Version number

default                                       Unit to indicate the version is the default configuration (otherwise omitted).

Figure 51 Elements of the TimeUnits configuration


Root element for each external time unit identified. Multiple entries may exist.


String value for unit as identified in external data source


Equivalent of time unit in milliseconds (base unit in DELFT-FEWS). By convention 0 milliseconds is a non-equidistant time unit. -1 indicates that the unit is not supported. This is the case for time units such as months, years etc.