attributes to be mapped from time series values for use in report etc.

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Note that all references to the word "attribute" on his page does not have to do anything with location or parameter attributes!

DELFT-FEWS allows attributes to be associated to values in a time series. This can be used to associate either a textual value or an icon for use in displays or in reports. Typically the use of value attribute maps is important in forecasts derived through application of the lookup table modules. Critical conditions are then defined which resolve a combination of inputs to a single "Lookup Index" output. This Lookup index is then resolved either to a textual message, an icon or a colour using the value attribute maps. The same principle is used in allocating colours/icons to thresholds, where the unique threshold index is used as an entry to the value attribute mapping.

When available on the file system, the name of the XML file for configuring ValueAttributeMaps is:

ValueAttributeMaps 1.00 default.xml

ValueAttributeMaps           Fixed file name for the ValueAttributeMaps configuration

1.00                                            Version number

default                                       Unit to indicate the version is the default configuration (otherwise omitted).

Figure 53 Elements of the value attribute maps configuration


Root element for the definition of a set of attribute values. The Id used to identify this set is later referenced in for example the report module configuration to allow association of an attribute to a value. Multiple sets may be defined.


  • id: unique id of the set of value attributes

Root element for associating an attribute to a value. Each value may be attributed a definition (text), a colour and/or an icon.


  • value: value for which the attributes defined must be associated. Note that an exact match is required to allow the mapping to be valid.

Text to be attributed where this value is given in the input series. This text may be used in a report.


Path and filename of the icon to be attributed where this value is given in the input series. This icon may be used in for example displays as well as in reports.


Colour to be attributed where this value is given in the input series. This colour may be used in for example background colouring of a table in a report

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