It is possible to copy existing external historical time series to another external historical time series. This can be done by the copyArchiveData task in the export archive module.

This task is only available in this module and not at the archive server because the archive server doesn't have all the required netcdf-libraries installed for this task.

This task can be used to copy the data from a existing netcdf-file to another netcdf-file. To prevent duplicate time series it is necessary to map the existing time series to new time series.

Currently the following options are supported:

1) Copying from an existing FEWS parameter/qualifier combination to another FEWS parameter/qualifier combination

2) Copying from an existing module instance id to another module instance id

3) Copying from an existing netcdf parameter (variable name) to another netcdf parameter 

Below a basic example is shown

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<exportArchiveModule xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
			<relativePeriod start="-100" end="0" unit="week"></relativePeriod>
		<archiveNetcdf originalfileName="" targetfileName="">
				<parameter sourceId="precipitation_observed" targetId="precipitation_observed_raw"></parameter>
				<moduleInstance sourceId="originalModuleInstanceId" targetId="newModuleInstanceId"></moduleInstance>
				<map originalParameter="P.obs" targetParameter="P.obs.raw"></map>	

In the example shown above the data in all of the files with name is copied to a file named for the given period.

The original time series will be copied to a new time series with module instance id newModuleInstanceId and parameter P.obs.raw. The new nectcdf parameter will be  precipitation_observed_raw.

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