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Archiving and extended filtering of log messages

For Water Coach purposes archiving and extended filtering of log messages is available.
This functionality includes:

  • inserting (retrospectively) extended manual messages,
  • archiving  selected log messages the users are interested in, and
  • downloading archived messages and filtering them from the other messages.

The collected and filtered log messages can be used to build Water Coach game.

Archiving log messages

Create ArchiveRun module with export task LogEntriesArchive and include it in an archiving workflow. Log messages are archived by (periodically) running this archiving workflow . Use constraints to select log messages that should be archived.
A log message will be archived when its event code is configured as logEventContstraint option and/or the log message text contains the specified messageText configured as logEventConstraint option.

Configuration example:

	<archivePeriod start="-2" end="0" unit="day"/>

	<logEventConstraint eventCode="Manual."/>
	<logEventConstraint eventCode="Validation.HardLimit"/>
	<logEventConstraint eventCode="Validation.SoftLimit" messageText="at Lobith"/>
	<logEventConstraint eventCode="Workflow.ActivityStarted" messageText="Workflow 'Rijntakken_Forecast'"/>
	<logEventConstraint eventCode="Workflow.ActivityCompleted" messageText="Workflow 'Rijntakken_Forecast'"/>


In this example the following messages will be archived:

  • all manual messages,
  • all Validation.HardLimit messages
  • Validation.SoftLimit messages only for Lobith
  • Workflow.ActivityStarted/Finished messages only for workflow Rijntakken_Forecast

Retrieving archived log messages from archive

Log messages can be retrieved using ArchivedDialog. The user selects and downloads the log messages archive in the same way as for example thresholds.

ArchiveDialog configuration

Configure in this dialog an archive type LogEntriesArchive.
An example:

<archiveTask name="Log Entries" workflowId="Import_Archive_LogEntries" iconName="icons/LookUpTable.gif" queryServiceUrl="$ARCHIVE_SERVER_URL$">

ArchiveRun configuration

Create ArchiveRun module with import task LogEntriesArchive and include this module in the workflow specified in ArchiveDialog.
An example:


Displaying and filtering archived log messages in SystemMonitor

By default, all non-manual messages are displayed in LogBrowser tab, and all manual messages are displayed in BulletinBoard.
For Water Coach purposes we need to display both manual and selected non-manual messages in one tab.
For this purpose a new tab has been added – BulletinBoardPlus. In this new tab we also have some more choices to create manual messages quickly.

To show this tab, configure in SystemMonitorDisplay:

	<tabName>Interesting events</tabName>

We can also add several optional ‘messageTemplates’ to create quickly messages with a specific mark.
Similarly we can add several optional ‘users’ to quickly create messages from a specific user.

An example:

    <tabName>Interesting events</tabName>

    <messageTemplate>Analysed by operator</messageTemplate>
    <messageTemplate>Phone line went dead</messageTemplate>
    <messageTemplate>Emergency advice requested</messageTemplate>

    <userTemplate>Simone De Kleermaeker</userTemplate>
    <userTemplate>gast gebruiker</userTemplate>


An example of BulletinBoardPlus tab of SystemMonitor:

Button Add message
Using this button we add a manual message ‘plus’.

Manual message ‘plus’ is actually a standard manual message. The information entered in the additional fields, is stored in the messages text (message body) in LogEntries table field ‘logMessage’. Compared to standard manual message , the additional fields are Event Time (default value is Current System Time) and messageTemplate.
The message text (body) entered in the example above is stored as follows:
Simone De Kleermaeker@05-12-2011 13:47:00@Phone line went dead@

If we enter also some additional text, the messages body looks like:
Simone De Kleermaeker@05-12-2011 13:47:00@Phone line went dead@my comment

View period

In view period fields we specify the time filter.  This time filter is applicable  to the message Event Time or to the message Creation Time.
For example, if the filter is Event Time and  we choose one month, the log messages with Event Time inside this period are displayed.

The drop down box ‘User’ is filled with the current system user name and optionally with the userTemplates as defined in the configuration. It is also possible to enter any name in this editable drop down box.
The user names can be entered while creating manual messages. Configure the userTemplates if you want to enter usernames that are different from the system user.

The drop down box ‘Template’ is filled with messageTemplates configured in SystemMonitorDisplay <bulletinBoardPlus> tab. It is also possible to enter any text in this editable drop down box.

Other fields in the tab BulletinBoardPlus
Buttons Refresh, Save and fields log Level, Search in Message, Max number of events have the same meaning and behaviour as in standard BulletinBoard.

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