Since 2017.02

Since FEWS version 2017.02 build #82486. Replacing Config Update Script

FSS with DDA

This module is specifically designed for FSS's with DDA.

Its configuration must be placed in the ModuleConfigFiles directory and should be part of a workflow.

Since 2017.02 the config management has been redesigned making the old Config Update Script obsolete.

A new simplified module has been introduced which imports and updates new versions of MapLayerFiles: .csv files and .dbf files with corresponding .shp, .shx and .sll files.

The map layer files need to be already present in the default config (current config revision set) and is case sensitive.

The map layer files should not be referenced with an absolute path in LocationSets.xml. This means it should be refered to via just its file name without anything in front of it: <file>locationSet.csv</file>, or <csvFile>locationAttributes</csvFile> or <dbfFile>moreLocationAttributes</dbfFile>

It will check whether all imported files are present in the current revision.

It will check if it finds warnings and errors in the new configuration and if so rejected the new files and let the module run fail.

If no warnings or errors are found the new files will be imported and a new config revision set will be created. The files will be moved to the backupDir.

When the new configuration did not pass this validation NO files will be imported and NO new config revision set will be created. The files will be moved to the failedDir.

Configuration Update Module
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
<configUpdateModule xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

Stand Alone (testing only)

This module is not designed for a SA application, but can be used for testing.

For this the next steps need to be taken:

  1. Upload the configUpdateModule config file in the ModuleConfigFiles directory and make sure it is part of a workflow.
  2. Start an OC and create a replica of the database with config (F12 – Database – replicate central database) time series are not necessary 
  3. Create a SA with the replicated localdatastore without (!) config directory
  4. Place new version of the active .csv, .dbf and .shp files in the configured import directory
  5. Start the SA and run de ConfigUpdateModule 
  6. When a new config revision set has been created it will have an id like: "unknown;X"
  7. If a new config revision has been created, errors can occur due to on the fly config update which a SA can not handle. The errors should disappear after restart.
  8. Close the SA and restart
  9. Export the default config (F-12 export – default config)
  10. Check whether the new .csv, .dbf en .shp files are present.

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