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Export a grid frame to ESRI ASCII grid format.

The ASCII Grid format is a plain text format that was first implemented in Arc/Info and is documented by ESRI.

The ID of this serializer is 'asciigrid'. 

Example module configuration

<timeSeriesExportRun xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
			<timeSeriesType>external forecasting</timeSeriesType>
			<timeStep multiplier="6" unit="hour"/>
			<relativeViewPeriod end="6" start="6" unit="hour"/>
			<readWriteMode>read only</readWriteMode>


1) The 'asciigrid' serializer can only output one time step so in case the grid is part of a timeseries the relativeViewperiod needs to be set to select a range of which only the first timestep will be used.

2) A prefix or suffix can be added to the filename using a time formatting string as in the given example using either the <currentTimeFormattingString> or <timeZeroFormattingString>.

3) The exportMissingValue can be used to replace the missing values by given number to indicate that there is no valid data, this option is required to use the resulting files with ArcGIS as the default setting using 'NaN' to represent missing values is not supported by ArcGIS.


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