The Barriers configuration file is used to define the specifics of one or more barriers used in Fews.
For the use of the Barriers file in combination with the Decision module, we refer to the Decision module section for further details about the functionality of this module.

In the Barriers file the characteristics of the barrier are defined. First and foremost these are the barrier states.
For example, the state of a certain barrier, which is linked to a particular variable and timeSeriesSet, can be:

  • "open" (value 0)
  • "sedimentstop" (value 1)
  • "closed" (value 2)
  • "drain" (value 3)
  • "drain.control" (value 4)

Furthermore, model dependent characteristics like crest level, crest height and gate level are linked to there barrier states. As such, once the barrier state is known (i.e. we have a timeSeriesSet with values of 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the above case), we can apply a mapping from these state values to the appropriate input required by the running model. Note that a change from one barrier state to the other will not be instantaneous, but should take some "rate of change" into account. The appropriate "rate of change" information from one state to the other is also included in this file, by defining the "speed".


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