base build

When Deltares supplies the Delft-FEWS binaries, this is often referred to as the base build. Optionally, updating Delft-FEWS can be done by uploading the base build in the Admin Interface.

boot build

When installing a Delft-FEWS base build to run the Delft-FEWS Master Controller, ConfigManager, Operator client, or Forecasting Shell Server on a host machine, the base build is unzipped.  This is referred to as the boot build.

Recommended installation is to:

  1. Create a folder with the version name in it,
  2. Create a shortcut or link /opt/fews/bin or d:\fews\bin referring to it. 

When the boot build does not work properly or for security updates such as the log4j mitigation, it is required to replace the boot build. In these occassions, Delft-FEWS support supplies the Delft-FEWS binaries with the instruction that the boot build needs to be replaced.


The patch.jar is a mechanism for distributing fixes or new features that are not in the base build.  For every release a new patch is required that is higher than the boot build / uploaded base build.