File-based storage

The Deltares Open Archive is a file-based storage solution. The data is not stored in a database but in regular files. The Forecasting Shell server when running a Delft-FEWS archive export writes the data files directly to the archive data folder from an archive export workflow. The time series are stored in netCDF-files. Other data types are stored in xml or regular text files. If for practical / security reasons the Delft-FEWS Archive Export task cannot directly export to the archive data folder, the Delft-FEWS FSS should write to an intermediate folder and a copy script should copy the data files into the archive data folder.

Elastic catalogue automatically populated by Harvester

To facilitate searching in the archive a catalogue is used. The catalogue is based on Elastic (, which is an open source tool for indexing data. The catalogue is populated by the so-called harvester. The harvester scans the data folder to discover which data sets are available in the archive and updates the catalogue accordingly.

THREDDS webserver

THREDDS is an open source webserver providing access to forecast data for Delft-FEWS and other third party applications. The data can be downloaded by a variety of supported protocols such as HTTP, OpenDAP and WMS.

Delft-FEWS Webservices and the Deltares Open Archive

The Delft-FEWS Webservices can be used in combination with the Deltares Open Archive. The seamless integration connects the Delft-FEWS data store with the archive. If data is requested from Delft-FEWS the data store will automatically retrieve the data from the Deltares Open Archive if the data is expired from the FEWS data store.

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