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FSS Groups List

This page displays the available FSS Groups and allows altering their properties.

The list page shows all currently registered FSS Groups. When a Forecasting Shell is started the FSS groups that is configured will be automatically created if it didn't already exist.

Since 2019.02 the Allow Unmapped property is also displayed in the FSS Groups list. If Unmapped workflows are allowed to run in this group, the value is displayed as "yes" and the background color is displayed in light green. This is reflected on the Workflow FSS Groups Mapping page as well in the background color of the FSS Group header.

A FSS Groups can be manually registered using the   button as well.

When hovering over the rows below the priority column, the mouse pointer will change into the drag and drop symbol which indicates you can select a row to change the priority.

When hovering over any row below the other columns, the row can be clicked to go to the edit page.

Edit FSS Group

The following data is available in a FSS Group

FSS Group IDUnique identifier of a FSS Group
FSS Group NameName of the FSS Group
DescriptionDescription of the FSS Group
Allow Unmapped Workflows to use this FSS GroupBoolean that should be set to true to allow workflows that are not mapped to any groups to use the Forecasting Shell Servers that can run in this group.
The number of FSSs that are kept readyThe number of Forecasting Shell Server that are kept in ready state to run a workflow for this group.
Maximum number of FSSs that can be awake

Limit the number of Forecasting Shells that can be awake for this group. At least one is required. Leavy empty to keep all FSSs awake.

Delete FSS Group

From the edit page it is also possible to delete a FSS Group. This is only possible if the FSS Group isn't used by any Forecasting Shell anymore.

FSS Groups priority

The FSS Groups list is ordered by priority. The FSS Groups priority is used to determine on which group an unmapped workflow should be run first. If there are any available Forecasting Shells in that group a Forecasting Shell from that group will be selected. This only applies for FSS Groups that allow running unmapped workflows.

The priority of the FSS Groups can be changed by dragging and dropping a row to the required position. In the next example the windows_postgres row has been selected and can be dropped to the required position.

Download FSS Groups

To download all FSS groups in XML format the  button can be used. See for an example the following xml file:

Upload FSS Groups

It's possible to upload FSS Groups using the   button. The upload will fail if it contains any existing FSS Groupd id's or priorities.




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