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Forecasting Shell Servers table

Overview of all Forecasting Shells, both Alive and Down. The table is sorted by last heartbeat time which results in active Forecasting Shell Servers being on top of the table. Forecasting Shells that didn't send a heartbeat in the last 2 weeks, won't be displayed in the list.

The following data is available in the FSS table:

MC IDThe master-controller mcId.
FSS Group IDThe group the FSS is part of
FSS IDThe Forecasting Shell Server FSS id.
Host NameHost the FSS is run from
FSS DirectorySince 2020.02. The directory the FSS is running in
StatusStatus of the Forecasting Shell. See Forecasting Shell Servers Status
Last Workflow StatusStatus of the last workflow. Can be: Complete / Failed / Terminated / Running / Pending / Invalid
Last Workflow IDWorkflowId that was last run on the listed Forecasting Shell Server.

Last Workflow Dispatch Time

Last dispatch time on this FSS.
Last HeartbeatLast received heatbeat time from the FSS.

Since 2019.02 it is possible to acknowledge FSSs that are in a failed state. See the following example. Here 2 FSSs are selected. Klicking on the "Acknowledge failed FSSs" button, will change the status of the Forecasting Shell Server into an acknowledge status. This will result in an updated system status page where these FSSs will no longer be displayed.

In this example the update status has been changed into Fss Killed Acknowledged.

FSS Details

Each row in the FSS table is clickable to display some more details about a Forecasting Shell.

The following FSS details are displayed:

FSS IDThe Forecasting Shell Server FSS id.
FSS HostnameHostname the FSS is running on
FSS DirectorySince 2020.02. The directory (region home) the FSS is running in.
FSS StatusFSS status. Code and description of the FSS status
Allocated MemoryThe amount of RAM memory in MByte that is available to the FSS
Number of CPUsWorkflowId run on the listed Forecasting Shell Server.

Host Slot Count

Number of slots available at the fss host (by default the number of fss at the fss host)
Index at HostThe name of the region home at the fss host (1 -> /opt/fews/fss/1)
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