1. Download and install the latest 64-bit DBVisualizer from the download section of

    • For Windows it is recommended to download the DBVisualizer 64-bit with embedded JRE. This way it is guaranteed that the firebird driver is always started with 64-bit java.
    • !! Install DBVisualizer in a directory that does not contain any spaces !!
  2. Extract into the DBVisualizer installation directory (e.g. jdbc subfolder and dlls are copied into the DBVisualizer installation directory).
  3. Start DBVisualizer (e.g. ignore / close the DriverManager).
  4. Import dbvis_settings.jar using File->Import settings. Restart when DBVisualizer prompts to restart.
  5. In the list of connections, right-Click on a suitable connection example and duplicate it.
  6. Edit the new connection and put in the correct connection details.
  7. If the connection doesn't work because of some Java class couldn't be loaded: add the DbVisualizer installation dir to the PATH system environment variable (either using Windows Explorer or using setx /m command) 

Example urls for each local datastore database