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Lists the own Master Controller along with all configured remote master-controllers. The status of other MCs will only updated if synchronization is enabled.

The following data is available in the Master Controllers table.

MC IDThe master controller McId. Displayed in the header
StatusOK when a recent heartbeat is available, failed otherwise. Displayed in the header
Pending tasksTasks about to be dispatched when FSS become available.
Running TasksAmount of tasks running for the listed master-controller.
Last HeartbeatTimestamp of the last available heartbeat.
OC SessionsAmount of sessions that have been updated in the last hour.
Software versionThe mc release build. Not available for Remote MC.
Schema versionThe version of the database schema / data update scripts. Not available for remote MC.
Database versionVersion of the central database software. Not available for remote MC.

Since 2020.02: For every FSS Group of a Master Controller the groups status is reported.

The following data is available in the FSS Groups Status table.

FSS Group IdID Of the FSS Group
FSS Group NameName of the FSS Group
DescriptionDescription of the FSS Group
Minimum Awake CountThe minimum number of forecasting shells that are kept awake in this group.
StatusA FSS Group is marked as Failed if the number of awake Forecasting Shell Servers is less than the configured Minimum Awake Count.

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