This export is available in DELFT-FEWS versions after 28-10-2009 (FEWS version 2009.02)

Exports data to NetCDF files which comply to the CF 1.6 standard.

To indicate that data values are missing , NetCDF-CF exports use float value 9.96921e+036 by default. It is possible to change it by entering a different missing value (NaN or other) in the configuration files. Use option <exportMissingValue> in TimeSeriesExport module, and <missVal> in GeneralAdapter
More information about the cf standards can be found at: http://cfconventions.org/

There are six types of NetCDF-CF exports which can be defined:

Configuring the export

An example of the NETCDF-CF_GRID_MATROOS export can be found at NETCDF-CF_GRID. The only difference is that the exportType must be changed to NETCDF-CF_GRID_MATROOS.

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