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TimeSeries reader for NTURAIN Datalogger files. These contain observed telemetry data for Rain send by NTU (National Technical University, of Singapore). The identifier for this reader is "NTURAIN".


The locationID is encoded in the filename e.g: MC02_Rain.dat contains data for  locationId MC02. an example file plus configuration (IDmap and import module configuration) is attached to this page. The external parameter is always "Rain".

  Columns are:
Date/time number Rain(mm)


"2007-04-30 00:00:00",5594,0

 "2007-04-30 00:05:00",5595,0

 "2007-04-30 00:10:00",5596,0

 "2007-04-30 00:15:00",5597,0

 "2007-04-30 00:20:00",5598,0

The second column (data number) is not used in the import

Java source code

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