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The following table explains which audit trail event code is generated by the Operator Client by which trigger. The columns are as follows:

  • OC Dispay: The name of the Operator Client Display where the functionality is available
  • Functonality: A description of the functionality that triggers the event code.
  • Event Code: The actual value of the event code that will be triggered.

OC DisplayFunctionalityEvent Code
Data EditorSave Manually Edited Data Values or FlagsSYSLOG.OC.SaveTimeSeriesValues

Save Time Series ModifierSYSLOG.OC.SaveTimeSeriesModifier

ModifiersApply ModifierSYSLOG.OC.SaveLocalModifier

(De)activate ModifierSYSLOG.OC.ActivateLocalModifier

Delete ModifierSYSLOG.OC.DeleteLocalModifier

Copy ModifierSYSLOG.OC.CopyLocalModifier

Forecast ManagerSet Forecast CurrentSYSLOG.OC.SetForecastCurrent.[WORKFLOWID]

Change Forecast Expiry TimeSYSLOG.OC.SetForecastExpiryTime.[WORKFLOWID]

Rerun ForecastSYSLOG.OC.ReRunForecast.[WORKFLOWID]

Delete ForecastSYSLOG.OC.DeleteForecast.[WORKFLOWID]

System MonitorAcknowledge Error/Fatal Log MessageSYSLOG.OC.AcknowledgeLog

Edit a Scheduled TaskSYSLOG.OC.EditScheduledTask.[WORKFLOWID]

Suspend a Scheduled TaskSYSLOG.OC.SuspendScheduledTask.[WORKFLOWID]

Resume a Scheduled TaskSYSLOG.OC.ResumeScheduledTask.[WORKFLOWID]

Cancel a Scheduled TaskSYSLOG.OC.CancelScheduledTask.[WORKFLOWID]

Kill a running taskSYSLOG.OC.KillRunningTask.[WORKFLOWID]

Manual ForecastSend Task to Master Controller (one off)SYSLOG.OC.AddScheduledTask.[WORKFLOWID]

Create a new Task Schedule (Task interval for certain period) SYSLOG.OC.AddScheduledTask.[WORKFLOWID]

Scenario EditorSend Task to Master Controller (one off)SYSLOG.OC.AddScheduledTask.[WORKFLOWID]

Taskrun DialogSend Task to Master Controller (one off)SYSLOG.OC.AddScheduledTask.[WORKFLOWID]

Manual Forecast / Forecast TreeSchedule a TaskSYSLOG.OC.AddScheduledTask.[WORKFLOWID]
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