System Control

With system control, the following options are available:

  • Index Files
  • Failover Status

Index Files

Troubleshoot option to trigger the index files for the ForecastingShells to be rebuilt when this has not happened automatically or in the unusual circumstance that the index files are corrupted. When the Reindex button is used a command is given to one of the available forecasting shells to rebuild the index files. The index files will be stored in the central database. Normally the index files are automatically compacted and updated every day by a random forecasting shell.

When the index files are older than 30 hours and more than 1000 time series blobs are added since an message box will popup in the OC to notice the user.
At least one forecasting is required when time series are edited by the OC or webservice

Failover Status

With the "Set to Failover" button the current MC can be put into failover state.

Setting failover mode and restoring it after 10 days may cause the fssIds to become replaced on the remote Master Controller

If the heartbeats of remote Forecasting Shells have been synchronized, but are not updated for over 10 days because of synchronisation is off or due to failover mode, the remote Forecasting Shells are automatically expired and removed. When the owning Master Controller is connected again, the deletion is shared and the fssIds are then replaced.

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