Since 2008 a new Transformation module is developed for Delft-FEWS. The idea was that this module would replace the old transformation and several other Delft-FEWS modules in a period of 5-10 years. Now that most functionality is available in the new Transformation module, the old module will be removed from the Delft-FEWS code in 2023. This page provides some guidance in how to convert old transformations and interpolations to the new transformation module. It contains a table of commonly used functions and some xml examples. Please add more examples if these are missing and useful for other Delft-FEWS users.

Documentation on the individual modules can be found on the WIKI:

For converting the old configuration to the new configuration use the table below. It is possible that old functions are not used anymore in any Delft-FEWS system, these functions will then not be converted.

From Interpolation to Transformation

Old Function
New Function
XML Example

From Old Transformation to New Transformation

When the FEWS Release says 2022.01, this means that the function was missing in the FEWS releases prior to 2022.01 and has been added in 2022.01 FEWS release.

Old Function GroupFunction / RuleNew Function GroupFunction / RuleXML Example / DocumentationIn FEWS Release


disaggregateconstantdisaggregationconstantTransformation - Disaggregation (Constant)2022.01

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