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This page displays the current System log entries. The user can configure the type and number of log entries displayed.

The details of the contents of the log entries are given below.




Event specific information, see Admin Interface - System Status - Event Codes

Entry Time

The date and time when the log entry was made, displayed in GMT-0


The level of the log item:
-           Debug:
-           Info:
-           Warning:
-           Error:
-           Fatal Error


Indication of the component of the system that generated the log entry.


The log text. The text provides a clickable link to display the additional information in a popup.


The build number of the component that generated the log.


Log Content

The following is an example of the Log content that is displayed when clicking on the log text:


The System Log table can be filtered in two ways;

  • Limiting the number of entries displayed
  • Select from the "Entries per page" drop down list. The options are 50, 100, 250 or 500 entries.
  • Limiting the type of entries displayed

Filter by Log Level

Select an option from the "Log Level" drop down list.

The levels are (in increasing order of severity):

  • Info
  • Warning
  • Error
  • Fatal Error

Examples of the possible filtering options are:

  • Selecting "Warning" will display entries for Warning, Error and Fatal Error.
  • Selecting "Error" will display entries for Error and Fatal Error.

Filter by Entry Date

Log entries can be filtered by entry date by specifying a date from and/or a date to. All log entries in the selected range will be displayed.

Filter by Build

Log entries can be filtered by the build number of the component that created the log entry. Only exact matches are supported.

Filter by Source

Log entries can be filtered by specifying a component source. Only exact matches are supported.

Filter by Text

Log entries can be filtered by the log text.


The table can be sorted by clicking on the column headings (by Code, Entry Time, Level, Source, Text and Build).


The System Log can be downloaded to a file via the "Download Logs" link. The log is in a tab-delimited format and can be easily imported into Excel

Acknowledge Logs (since 2020.01)

Logs can be acknoledged by selecting logs with the checkboxes next to the log level. Using the "Acknowledge logs" button, one ore more log event will be marked as acknowledged. 

Once a log has been acknowledged, the error will be shown with a green color. Using the tooltip it can be seen that the log was acknowledged:

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