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Workflow FSS Groups Mapping

This screen displays the mappings between a Workflow and one (or more) associated Forecasting Shell Group(s). It gives the option to allow a workflow to only be executed on a specific FSS Group.

In the overview the workflows are on the left and all FSS Groups on the right. The color of the FSS column header, displays if unmapped workflows can run on FSS of that group. In this example both the linux_sqlserver and the windows_sqlserver groups allow all unmapped workflows to be run on their Forecasting Shells. If a workflow has to run on a specific FSS Group the checkbox can be used to specify that mapping. 

Since 2019.02 workflows that have not been mapped to any FSS Group will get a light red background color. See for example the Archive_Export_Daily workflow that hasn't been explicitly mapped to any FSS Group. Since in this example no FSS Groups allows unmapped workflows to run in their group (visible since the FSS Group headers are not colored light green).

Since 2019.02. In case there is a group that allows unmapped workflows to run (the windows group in this example), the table will display on which group a workflow can run. In this example the Archive_Export_Daily workflow has no explicit mapping, but can run in the windows FSS Group (tha background color is lightgreen). Also note that workflows that have explicit mappings, are not automatically mapped to FSS groups that allow unmapped workflows to run. For example the Archive_Import_Data workflow cannot run on the windows FSS Group. 

Download Workflow FSS Groups Mapping

Using the download button, a XML file is downloaded with all mappings.

Upload Workflow FSS Groups Mapping

Using the upload button FSS Group Mappings can be upload. By default the uploaded mappings will be added to the exisitng mappings. If the mappings in the upload should replace all existing mappings, the replace checkbox should be used.


Delete Workflow FSS Groups Mapping

All existing mappings can be removed with the delete button.


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