FRESHEM: characterization of the fresh-saline groundwater distribution in the Province of Zeeland, The Netherlands 

In the project FRESHEM Zeeland (FREsh Salt groundwater distribution by Helicopter ElectroMagnetic survey in the Province of Zeeland) 10.000 line-kilometers of AEM data were collected. An approach is developed to translate these data into a full 3D mapping of the chloride concentration of an area of 1800 km2 in the south-western part of the Netherlands. In addition, the reliability of the mapping result will be constructed. For the pilot study area Canal Zone Gent-Terneuzen the AEM results (bulk conductivity of soil particles and groundwater) as well as chloride results were validated with in-situ ground-truth measurements which resulted in a good fit. 

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Esther van Baaren
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Joost Delsman
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