Research on salinisation processes in the Netherlands (NHI)

The so-called Netherlands Hydrological modelling Instrument (NHI) includes a module to take into account fresh and saline groundwater in the coastal zone. This paper informs you about this NHI fresh-saline groundwater module, which assesses on a national scale the impact of stresses such as sea level rise, land subsidence, increasing groundwater extraction and changes in natural groundwater recharge on groundwater in the Dutch coastal zone. Modelling results show that the water system significantly becomes more saline these coming 50-100 years, and that water courses need to be flushed more intensively if water boards want to maintain the water quality in the surface water system. This module is ready to play a role in assessing the effectiveness of mitigation and adaptation strategies to make our water system climate proof.

Poster: Netherlands Hydrological modelling Instrument: fresh and saline groundwater in the Dutch coastal zone
More information: Jarno Verkaik, Joost Delsman or Gualbert Oude Essink

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