Rise and Fall: strategies for the subsiding and urbanising Mekong Delta (Vietnam) facing increasing salt water intrusion


Policy note march 2017: Towards strategies for the subsiding Mekong Delta in Vietnam
Land subsidence Mekong delta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMr_BKzY4lU
Modelled hydraulic head and subsidence in the Mekong delta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVCky3etorw
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  • Workshop Can Tho, Vietnam, March 2017

  • WalkTEM field campaign salinity mapping Soc Trang Province


Project: September 2014 - Augustus 2018


This project aims to enhance the capabilities of individuals and organisations to develop sustainable strategies for dealing with groundwater extraction, land subsidence and salt water intrusion in the increasingly urbanising Mekong Delta (Vietnam). We will enlarge the knowledge base of stakeholders (including policy makers, water managers and scientists) and work with them to develop and implement innovative tools and technologies in practice and policy. A new integrated delta model will be developed, linking surface water, groundwater and geo-mechanical models, to analyse the interrelated character of groundwater extraction, subsidence levels and salt water intrusion. Together with stakeholders the new and comprehensive model will be constructed and applied to quantify the effects of water management strategies in the Mekong Delta. Stakeholders will analyse and develop adequate strategies by simulating and demonstrating the effects of development scenarios and policy recommendations, such as expressed in the Mekong Delta Plan (2013).

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